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Racewalk Drills
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These drills may be practiced during a warm-up. Initially, they should be done slowly to develop correct movements; later, they can be done at a quicker pace. Begin with at least five minutes of slow walking, then perform the drills for 30 - 40 seconds. Do several repetitions.

While walking, hands placed on shoulders and upper arms horizontal with the
ground, rotate your arms in a backstroke motion.

While walking, hold one arm straight by your side, rotating the other backwards (as
in the swimming backstroke). Feel full extension along the side of the torso of circling arm.

While walking, cross the foot over the centerline of the body with each step;
maximize hip flex (twist) while keeping upper body quiet.

The right hip rotates forward.  The foot crosses over the center line, noted by the torque of the shirt.


Bend your arms at 90 degrees, hold upper arm close to the side of the body,
forearms parallel to each other. Racewalk with good technique, as you hold your arms absolutely still.

Racewalk with a long extension BEHIND you. Apply a slight forward lean. Focus on
the back leg and roll off the toes before the foot leaves the ground.

Take very short, fast racewalk steps with hip flex for a distance of 20 to 30 meters. Work towards increasing the number of steps in a shorter period of time.

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