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Breast Cancer 3-Days
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Walking for 20 miles a day for three days is a physical challenge that should be approached similarly to training for a marathon (26.2 miles). Expect to be walking for 6-12 hours each day of the event.

You will receive a monthly newsletter with news and tips about the walk, schedules of group walks and more.

Training Walks
Group training walks are organized in each local area by Volunteer Training Walk Leaders. Joining in the regular training walks is one of the best ways to stay committed to training.

For those walkers who are not in an area with group training walks, your walker coach can be consulted via phone or email.

Training Schedule

Goal: By the time you start the Breast Cancer 3-Day, you should be comfortable walking two days 15-20 miles back to back.

Mileage Guidelines
These mileage guidelines were provided by Pallotta Teamworks in 2001:
Month 1: 3-5 miles per walk, 6-10 miles total per week.
Month 3: 6-8 miles per walk, 12-16 miles total per week.
Month 5: 10-12 miles per walk, 20-24 miles total per week.
Month 7: 15-20 miles per walk, 30-40 miles total per week.

Beginners: If you are not already walking for up to an hour at a time, start with the Absolute Beginners Walking Tutorial. If you find any difficulty in building up your walking endurance to 1 hour at a time, I suggest registering for a walk that is no sooner than 9 months away. It is better to wait for the next year than to go to a walk a couple of months away unprepared physically. Once you are walking for an hour at a time, you can begin at Month 1 of the schedule.

Already 6-Mile Walkers: If you can complete a 6 mile walk comfortably, you can go right into my suggested 3-Day Training Schedule, or Month 3 of the above guidelines. This schedule differs from marathon training schedules in that it puts two long days back-to-back. That difference will allow you to assess your shoes, blister prevention, and gear much better than training for a single long distance day.

Walk of Life Program
Our 10-week walking program and newsletter is a great way to motivate yourself to walk, eat better, and get in shape.

3-Day Heat Safety
Watch yourself and your walking friends on your training walks and throughout the 3-Day Walk to ensure they stop at the first signs of heat sickness, dehydration, or hyponatremia. This is the single largest reason for walkers to drop out of the walk or get hospitalized during the event. Avoid the ambulance.

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