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Low-Carb Snacks

What Kind of Walker Are You?

Walking Personality Quiz

How long do you prefer to walk?
Over 2 hours
30 min - 1 hour
Two hours
About an hour

How fast do you prefer to walk?
Easy to brisk
As fast as I can

How often do you do your walking?
When I can get away
Most days of the week
On a defined training schedule

How often do you go on organized walks or races?
Very rarely
Once in awhile to keep things interesting
I do most my walking is at organized walks or races
Frequently -- to win!

Do you like keeping track of your walks?
No, I just walk.
I should. I hear it helps keep you on track.
Yes. Recording my walks is great incentive.
Yes -- speed, distance, time, shoe mileage. You name it, I love to track it.

Do you want to get awards or recognition for walking?
No, I don't really care, I do it for me and for the experience.
I like getting a t-shirt or ribbon from a charity walk.
I want an award every time I walk, just for finishing.
I want to win my medals and trophies by being faster than everyone else in my classification.

What kind of walking routes do you prefer?
Getting out on trails and into nature.
My usual neighborhood route plus occasional trails or charity walks or walk/runs.
I love doing new trails all the time, chosen by other walkers in walkable places.
I prefer the track.

Do you like to meet other walkers?
No, I prefer to get into the environment, not the people.
I wouldn't mind meeting others, but don't know where to start.
I often meet other walkers at walking events or in my walking club.
I love meeting other walkers, and then beating them in a race.

What kind of walking animal do you see yourself as?
A mountain goat
A gazelle
A horse
A greyhound

How do you feel about hills?
I love the view from the top.
A few are OK. I know they are good for my workout.
I want to know how the route is rated so I can prepare myself.
No hills, slows me down.

What kind of walking surface do you prefer?
Natural trails and dirt paths.
Sidewalks, bike lanes, greenway paths
I don't mind variety -- natural trails as well as pavement.
I want a smooth and responsive track.

Do you walk in rain or cold or heat?
Only if I get caught in a sudden storm.
I hate it, but try to force myself out to stay with my walking habit.
I'll walk if I there's an event I just can't miss.
I stick with my training and racing schedule.

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