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Are You a Bad Walking Partner?

Are you a good walking partner or a bad walking partner? Do you follow the basic rules for walking partners, or would you be better off walking alone?

How often do you break your walking date? Never

How often are you late for your walking date? Never

Do you try to walk the same speed as your partner? Yes, always
Always except on tough hills
I'm often going faster or slower

Do you avoid controversial or overly personal conversation topics? Yes, I keep to pleasant topics
Sometimes I just have to vent
I love debating and giving my opinion to my walking partner

Do you share important medical info with your walking partner? Yes
Some things, but not all
It's none of their business, they can just call 911

Do you bring along other people without checking first? No, I always discuss it with my walking partner first
Sometimes I have last-minute guests join us.
I never check first, the more the merrier, right?

Do you get impatient with the number of stops each of you make for restroom, etc.? No, we've discussed it; we know what to expect
At times we get impatient with each other
We never seem to need to stop at the same time, and it's irritating

Have you discussed when you want to talk and when you want to be silent or listen to your own music? Yes, we've agreed on these things
We've brought it up but still are out of sync sometimes
No, it irritates me when she tunes me out or won't accept that I'm done talking

Do you take non-emergency phone calls while walking? No

Do you whine? No
Just a little
Got some cheese to go with my whine?

Walking Partners

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