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Product Summary
Sportline Pulse Pedometer 355
Sportline 355 Pulse Pedometer
Sportline Pulse Pedometer 355
Photo © Wendy Bumgardner
Guide Rating -
Pros • Stopwatch and countdown timers
• Big display
• Shielded reset button
Cons • Hard to get steady pulse
• Bigger than most
• Calorie count inaccurate
The Bottom Line - If the pulse function works for you, it's a good pedometer.

Product Description
Counts steps, calculates distance, calories
Pulse feature on demand for heart rate
Stopwatch and countdown timers

Guide Review
Lots of Functions
I could not get a steady heart rate reading with this model under any conditions. The other features are easy to use, scrolling through steps, distance, calories, and using the countdown clock and stopwatch, with convenient start/stop button. This unit only counts when you tell it to by pressing the start button, until you press the stop. The top display is large and easy to read. The calorie count will not be accurate, since there is no way to input your weight - unless you match whatever setting they have for weight. The reset button is shielded inside the front cover so you can't accidentally reset it. Although it is large at 2.25 x 2.5 inches, it is still comfortable to wear.

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