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Product Summary
Photo © Wendy Bumgardner
Guide Rating -
Pros • Seamless technical fabric
• Wicks sweat, breathes
Wear it a dozen ways
Cons • None
The Bottom Line - The versatile Buff is something you should carry on any walk - you can use it so many ways as a hat, scarf, wristband, etc.

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Product Description
Seamless microfiber technical fabric.
Can wear as a hat, neckerchief, balaclava, earband, and more.
Comes in regular and 1/2 Polartec.

Guide Review
Go Buff
Like many, I first saw Buffs used on the TV series "Survivor," which has helped popularize this versatile accessory. Woven seamless, the microfiber fabric wicks sweat and blocks sun and wind. The Polar Buff is half Polartec microfleece and half regular Buff. You can wear your Buff as a cap, a neckerchief, a balaclava, a head band, a scrunchy, a wristband and more. It packs so small and light there is no reason to ever go without one.

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