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Low-Carb Snacks

Walk of Life Program - Day 66
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Heart Rate Calculator
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"If every day is a battle hopefully we can win this war. At least we are aware of what we need to do and work on it and not totally blow it off. " Sandy
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Beating the Plateau
Fat-Burning Walk

Today's Walk
45-90 minute walk in the fat-burning zone at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. Finish your walk at a moderate pace with 5 minutes of cool down at a very easy pace.
Fat-Burning Walk

Advanced Walkers:
Threshold Walk

Exercise: Dynamic Abs

Are You Walking or Exercising as Often as You Wish?
Consistency is important for maintaining a healthy habit. Do you walk at least 3 days a week? Most days of the week? Are you just a weekend warrior? What goal should you set to increase your walking or exercise?

The Plateau
If you have been on a reduced calorie diet and losing weight for the past 10 weeks, you may be hitting the dreaded plateau where the weight stays the same or comes off slower. This is normal, and you can get things moving again.
Beating the Plateau

Recipe of the Day
A great and tasty non-fat soup.

Poll - Frequency

How far are you walking? What is your next goal? Join us in the Walking Forum

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Subscribe and receive the these pages daily page by email. A great way to keep on track.
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