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Walking Water Calculator

This calculator helps you know how many bottles of water to have available. That doesn't mean you should drink as many bottles as listed. The 2006 International Marathon Medical Director's Association guidelines are for walkers to drink 3-6 ounces of water each mile.

How long do you plan to walk, in hours?
Use decimals, not minutes for a partial hour.

  • 45 minutes = .75
  • Half an hour = .5
  • 15 minutes = .25

Enter hours here:

Then Click Here:
You Will Need:
To Milliliters of water.
To Ounces of water
To 16-oz bottles of water

If walking for over an hour and sweating, switch to a sports drink after the first hour to replace salt, or eat a snack that has some salt, or alternate water and sports drink.

Drinking Guidelines for Walkers

Sports Drinks
Water Bottles and Carriers
What Not to Drink

~This calculator script was written by Will Glessner

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