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Low-Carb Snacks

Christmas Calorie Calculator

How far would you have to walk to burn off the calories you enjoy during the Christmas season? Use the Christmas Calorie Calculator to find out the shocking total. It may keep you away from the wassail bowl.

Check the boxes of the Christmas goodies that you will be eating. Then select the "Do the Math" button. The calculator will total the calories and show you how far you must walk in steps, miles and kilometers to burn them off.

You can use this calculator before or after your next Christmas party to give yourself a reality check. You might want to save the calories and miles for just one big celebration with the family. Or you may schedule some walking workouts on the treadmill or long walks outdoors to balance the calories against the miles.

Get the whole family moving more as part of your celebration by planning fun family walking time. But you may have to use some more tactics, such as these sneaky ways to walk 10,000 steps per day during the holidays. Be sure to dress for cold weather walking to enjoy your walks.

Christmas Calorie Calculator
Christmas Drinks: Calories
1 glass cider or sparkling grape juice 120
1 cup eggnog 343
1 mixed drink 250
1 hot buttered rum 218
1 Irish coffee 218
1 glass wine 120
1 bottle of beer 271
1 cup coffee with cream and sugar 50
Christmas Appetizers: Calories
1 celery stalk with cream cheese 45
½ cup mixed raw vegetables 25
5 large olives 92
½ cup mixed nuts 440
½ cup fresh fruit 60
1 ounce tortilla or potato chips 150
1 tablespoon dip for chips 75
1 tablespoon spinach dip 53
10 Wheat Thins 90
5 Ritz crackers 88
1/2 cup of Chex mix 140
1 cracker with cheese 70
2 tablespoons of cheese ball 90
1 half of deviled egg 73
a mini-quiche 60
2 oz. boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce 80
2 oz. Swedish meatballs 100
Christmas Sweets and Desserts: Calories
1 tangerine 40
2 chocolate mints 60
1 candy cane 60
1 small piece fudge 70
1 piece divinity 70
1 chocolate-covered cherry 75
1 chocolate from box 50
1 iced gingerbread cookie 100
2 small chocolate chip cookies 150
1 shortbread cookie 100
1 snickerdoodle cookie 90
1 slice fruitcake 324
1 slice cheesecake 372
1 piece apple pie (1/8 of 9-in pie) 410
1 piece pecan pie (1/8 of 9-in pie) 480
1 piece pumpkin pie (1/8 of 9-in pie) 180
½ cup whipped cream 75
½ cup ice cream 145
1 slice of mincemeat pie 360
Christmas Dinner Salads: Calories
3 cups salad greens with 2 tblsp. dressing 210
3 cups salad with diet dressing 100
1 tablespoon ranch dressing 75
½ cup gelatin with fruit 120
½ cup waldorf salad 110
Christmas Dinner: Calories
6 ounces cured ham 300
6 ounces white and dark turkey 340
6 ounces goose 400
6 ounces prime rib 330
½ cup stuffing 180
½ cup cranberry sauce 190
1 potato latke 247
½ cup mashed potatoes 150
½ cup gravy 150
1 baked potato with sour cream 150
½ cup green bean casserole 225
½ cup sautéed green beans 50
½ cup candied sweet potatoes 150
1 dinner roll 110
1 pat butter 45
Christmas Leftovers: Calories
1 turkey sandwich with mayo and cranberry sauce 450
1 open-face turkey sandwich with stuffing and gravy 290

  • Calorie Count: Use our free site and app to look up calories in all of your favorite foods, track your meals and analyze the nutritional value of what you are eating.
  • Walking Calorie Calculator: You will burn more calories per mile if you weigh more. Our Christmas calorie calculator is set for a 150-pound person. See how many calories you burn per mile at different speeds based on your weight.
  • Calories Per Day Calculator: How many calories should you eat to maintain or lose weight? This calculator will show you how many calories your body is burning each day. To lose weight, aim to eat fewer calories than you burn.
  • Wendy's Healthy Holiday Recipes: Enjoy these recipes that are festive enough for the holiday but healthier and lower in calories.

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