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Updated January 20, 2014


About the Challenge:

The virtual Idita-Walk tracks along with the Iditarod sled dog race. Instead of mushing for 1049 miles, walkers walk 1049 minutes over the course of two months (Feb. 1 - March 31) and they walk wherever they are. You don't have to walk from Anchorage to Nome, you can just walk around your neighborhood. Register and submit your walking log to earn a pin.

Dates and Locations:

Register online or by mail by February 15. Complete 1049 walking minutes between February 1 and March 31. It is suggested that you walk 30 minutes a day for 35 days, but you may complete the goal sooner by walking more. Submit completed log by April 1. Walk wherever you enjoy walking. You can follow along with the Iditarod sled dog race as a virtual event.


Cost in 2014 is $10. The reward is a collectible hatpin. Register by Feb. 15. Either register online or mail in the registration. Pay online with PayPal or mail in a check. Proceeds from the event in 2014 go to support Camp Bronson maintenance, scholarships, and numerous youth related programs. Each year the event supports a worthy Nome charity.
Idita-Walk Registration

Join the About.com Group:

For "Group" identification, enter "About.com" if you do not have your own group. The Idita-Walk has grown each year since they began to get grassroots publicity across the Internet. Let's make this trend continue and show them where the walkers are coming from.


Print out the walking log from the Idita-Walk web site or log your walks online. Note your walking minutes each day. Note your dog's minutes if you registered him/her also. You can complete the total of 1049 minutes by walking 30 minutes a day for 35 days. You can walk more and finish sooner, but walking for 35 days sets a good habit. Either complete the online log or mail in the sheet when complete to receive your hatpin.

Winter Motivation:

For 2014, the reward is a hatpin. You can also purchase other Idita-Walk logo items. I've participated in the Idita-Walk each year and it helps keep me moving through February. Like me, you may find your New Years resolutions and motivation fading. Committing to the Idita-Walk gives you a new incentive to keep walking 30 minutes a day for your health and weight management.


The Idita-Walk began as a way to give incentive to Peggy Fagerstrom's brother to walk 30 minutes a day for health. With the Iditarod being a prominent event finishing in Nome, she tied it in with the Iditarod trail as a virtual walk. With a little internet grassroots marketing, it grew from 55 walkers in 1999 to 776 spread across the world in 2004. For 2007-14, the organizers reduced the price significantly and offer a hatpin as the reward.

No Affiliation with the Iditarod:

Animal rights activists have objections to the Iditarod sled race. The Idita-Walk has no affiliation with the Iditarod. Idita-Walk promotes activities healthy for both people and companion animals. Dogs need daily exercise as much as people and the Idita-Walk allows you to recognize your companion animal's walking achievements as well as your own.

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