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Getting Started in Letterboxing - From Walking to Letterboxing


Updated November 25, 2008

My letterboxing friends are hot to create their own personal stamps and to place their own letterboxes for others to find. This is why the sport has spread so fast - enthusiasts quickly become organizers.

What You Need to Letterbox

  • A personal stamp: Carve your own stamp from a rubber or vinyl eraser, or design one and have it produced by a local print shop. This is where you can express your personal flair.
  • A personal log book: The best log book is a bound volume of high quality, acid-free paper. Look for these at art stores.
  • Compass: Many clues are given in compass readings, so you must know how to use and read a compass. Compare Prices
  • Clues: Of course you need to access the clues, usually from the web.
  • Walking shoes and gear.

Planting a Letterbox

  • A unique stamp - carve it yourself or have it made commercially. Pre-made stamps are frowned upon as not being unique.
  • A log book.
  • A waterproof container -Rubbermaid containers are popular.
  • Create fun clues and post them on the web or to the email group.


For those who have found 100 letterboxes in North America, their name can be added to the LbNA 100 Club. Many also try to collect the stamps of the first boxes planted in each state.

Happy treasure hunting!

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