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Walk of Life Workouts


Updated April 12, 2014

Walking Workouts

Walking Workouts

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Vary your walking workouts and exercise routines to build fitness and develop a leaner body and increased metabolism. You can use these different workouts for a change of pace, or use them in the Ideal Weekly Schedule suggested by racewalking coach Dave McGovern.

Walking Workouts
Health Walk: An easy walk you can enjoy any day.
Fat-Burning Walk: Pick up the pace and walk long enough to burn off stored fat.
Distance Walk: Enjoy a long walk to burn extra calories.
Aerobic Walk: Get into the best heart rate zone to build fitness.
Threshold Walk: Take your walking to the limit with these interval workouts.
Economy Speed Walk: Build your walking speed with these fast interval workouts.

Heart Rate Zone Calculator
Walking Calorie Calculators


Upper body exercises
Lower body exercises

Walking workouts and stretches have been adapted from Dave McGovern's Racewalking Clinic and Ero-Fit Racewalking Clinic.

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