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Walk of Life Program - Week 1

Kick off your new commitment


Updated May 29, 2014

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Walking for fitness and health, you should walk for 30-60 minutes most days of the week.

Beginners: If you are an absolute beginner who is not already walking for up to 30 minutes, use the walking advice in our Absolute Beginners Tutorial to guide how long you should walk to build up your endurance. You should also seek medical advice before beginning an exercise and nutrition program.

If You Are Already Walking for Fitness: If you are already walking comfortably for over 30 minutes, then feel free to walk for a longer duration than given in the walking assignment. In future weeks we will get into more vigorous walking workouts to challenge you. You can sneak a peek at our Walking Workouts.

Distance Walkers: If you are ready to train for a marathon, you can use the training schedules in our Marathon Training Tutorial along with this program.

Rest Days: There will be days when you can't walk due to your schedule or you may wish to add in up to three rest days or crosstraining days a week - alternating with your walking days. Each week I shall have one rest day on day 7.

First Stop - Learn to Stretch
Stretches for Walkers
Stretching is part of each walking workout. Print these examples to use.

Nutrition and Diet Tools

Food Diary: Keeping a food diary is your first assignment. Print the form

Diets and Portions: If a reduced calorie diet is appropriate for you (check with your medical provider), you may wish to use these suggested diets as a guideline. Mark off your servings each day on the printable charts.
1200 and 1500 Calorie Diets

Setting a Goal
To make a lifestyle change and make it stick, set a goal for yourself. During this week our Think section will focus on how to develop and set a goal.
Goal Form

Join us in the Walking Forum and share how you are feeling about your commitment and challenges. Was it hard to get out the door and walk? Do you have questions about shoes, stretching, speed? Come join us and get advice from other walkers who have been in your shoes.

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