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Walk of Life Program Daily Email Newsletter

10 Weeks to Fitness


Updated December 17, 2012

Stay on Track
Subscribe to the free Walk of Life email newsletter and each day I will send you the daily walking assignment, eating strategies, mind and motivation tips. This is the same as the daily pages that are on the web.

The Walk of Life Newsletter content follows the day-by-day pages of the free Walk of Life Program. For those joining later, visit the days that you missed on the web to find the tools and tips already sent.
Week 1: Stretches, Goal Setting, Food Diary, Exchange Charts
Week 2: Walking Form, Abdominal Exercises
Week 3: Shoes, Gear, Upper Body Exercises

The walking assignments via the Newsletter include both a beginner assignment and an advanced assignment. Choose the one that best fits your present walking fitness level and modify the distance as needed.

Lost Lessons
If you didn't get an expected email, or want to preview upcoming ones, use the Lost Lessons link in the newsletter to have them sent to you: Review and Preview Lessons

To Unsubscribe
Look near the bottom of the newsletter for an easy link to unsubscribe yourself - that is the most foolproof method as it will select the correct email address to unsubscribe. Or, go to this unsubscribe link and enter your email address.
If all else fails, contact Customer Care and ask them to unsubscribe you from the Walk of Life newsletter.

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