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Top Ten USA Walks - DC Monuments


Updated November 13, 2012

Lincoln Memorial - DC

Lincoln Memorial - DC

The DC National Mall and Monuments Walk #231 has been voted one of the Top Ten Walks in the USA by the clubs of the American Volkssport Association yearly since 1996.

Voting history:
1996: #8
1997: #5
1998: #1
1999: #8
2000: #5
2002: #6 (tie)
2003: #2
2004: #5

Walk Details

The starting point is Columbia Plaza Apartments reception desk, 2400 Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC. 20037.The box is located at the Reception Desk. Open dawn till dusk.

Contact: Nancy Stenger 703-631-8512, email walkvirginia@erols.com beforehand. As with all year-round walks, please allow the staff to serve their regular customers before asking them any questions.

There are two walk trails, one stamp: 11KM or 17KM and both are rated 1+. Both trails pass by the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the FDR Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol Building, and the White House. You will be near many other Washington DC museums and memorials. The 17KM trail also goes by the Supreme Court Building, the National Archives, and through Union Station.
Both trails will be difficult for wheelchairs due to stairs. Both trails are suitable for strollers.

To enjoy the walk, sign up in the log in the start box and take a map.

Special Programs

Qualifies for the following AVA walking programs:
Civil War Walk
National Heritage Walk
50 States-51 Capitals Program
US Presidents Walk Program

Kevin Shaw enjoyed the trail and penned the following Review

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