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Loosen Up - Look Thinner - Walk Better

Posture Correction Also Relieves Pain


Updated July 29, 2011

Walking Posture

Do you want to look 15 pounds thinner? Do you want to walk more fluidly and eliminate lower back pain? Do you want to improve speed? Then you need to do some wall work.

Coach Martin Rudow showed walkers at the Annual NW Regional Racewalk Retreat how developing the right posture can work wonders for walkers of any speed.

Sitting at computers, watching TV or standing in line can all contribute to bad posture habits, which in turn can lead to or worsen low back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

  • Lordosis: Back curved excessively in an S shape - rear sticking out, shoulders too far back, head and stomach thrust forward. For women, wearing high heels contributes to this posture. Some S shape is needed, but not too much strains the lower back.
  • Hip-sitting: Weight carried too far back, when walking you look like that "Keep on Truckin'" guy.
  • Forward lean: Took advice from the 80's to lean forward when walking, but this advice meant to cure hip-sitters results in most people leaning far too much forward.
  • Hunching over your shoulders: Sitting and working at a desk or computer most people tend to draw their shoulders forward, so that their chest muscles don't get expanded.
  • Neck tightening: Many people carry stress by tightening their neck and upper shoulders, leading to knots and pain.

There are cures for these, and a wall near you can help!

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Loosen Up and Look Thinner

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