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Walking Shoe and Boot Preference Poll Results


Updated June 08, 2012

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1995 Shoe Poll

The subscribers of Walklist contributed to a poll in November, 1995 about what kinds of shoes they wear walking and why.
The poll questions:
1. What kind of shoes (brand and style) do you wear walking?
2. What do you look for in a walking shoe?

96 responses were tallied. For each brand, any specific styles are listed afterwards.

I have grouped responses by brand name so you can read the specific comments made.


  • 16 SAS. 2 SAS Freetime, 1 SAS Hill Country walkers, 1 SAS Time Out
  • 11 New Balance, 1 New Balance 650, 1 New Balance 580, 1 New Balance 590, 2 New Balance 800, 1 New Balance Postal Walkers. New Balance Homepage
  • 10 Nike. 1 Nike Air Boulder high top hiking boots, 2 Nike Air Walkers, 2 Nike Air Pegagus, 1 Nike Air Mada Plus, 1 Nike canvas/nylon crosstrainer, 2 Nike Run/Walk, 1 Nike Air
  • 10 Rockport. 1 Rockport dress shoes, 4 Rockport Pro-Walkers, 1 Rockport hikers
  • 10 Reebok. 1 Reebok "Walk Reebok"s, 1 Reebok DMX walking shoe, 1 Reebok aerobic shoes, 1 Reebok mid-tops, 1 Reebok crosstrainers, 1 Reebok Fitness Walker or Ultra Fitness Walker, 1 Reebok hexalites leather walkers, 1 Reebok hiking hightops, 1 Reebok running shoe. Reebok Homepage
  • 6 Avia, 1 Avia Ariels
  • 5 Vasque boots. 1 Vasque Lightweight hiking boots, 1 Vasque Skywalk II, 3 Vasque Clarion Hightop Hiking Boots
  • 4 Asics. 1 Asics 123 gel. 1 Asics GEL-MORO.
  • 3 Merrell. 1 Merrell air cushion high tops, 1 Merrell Day Hikers, 1 Merrell All Terrain walking sandals. Merrell Homepage.
  • 2 Etonic, 1Etonic Trans Walkers
  • 2 Saucony, 1 Saucony jogging shoes. Saucony Homepage
  • 2 Ryka "Fitness Walking 580". Ryka Homepage
  • 2 Birkenstocks. Also visit: Birkenstocks Homepage
  • 1 Danner boots
  • 1 Guessheavy walking shoe
  • 1 Propet boots
  • 1 Hushpuppies
  • 1 Teva sandals
  • 1 Vittorio Ricci soft black leather shoe boots
  • 1 Adidas Walking Boots.
  • 1 Clarks Naturveldt
  • 1 Easy Spirit Mach 1
  • 1 running shoes
  • 1 Leather work boots
  • 1 Low cut hiking boot
  • 1 Waterproof duck boots

What do they look for?

  • Comfort is number one by a wide margin.
  • Good toe room is highly important.
  • Sturdiness and support
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Availability of wide or narrow sizes.
  • Appearance is distant but still a factor. Several mentioned liking shoes they could use both for walking and for working/shopping.
  • Those with lots of technical reasons to like the shoes preferred New Balance, Ryka, and Asics.

What else?

  • Judging by the spelling errors (and I didn't catch all of them to correct), Asics and Reebok need a simpler name! Merrell is also tough to spell right (good thing I had a pair in the closet to check the spelling!)
  • Many walkers had multiple shoes they used for different purposes - sidewalks vs. trails, warm vs. cold, dry vs. wet.

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