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How to Racewalk

The Basics of Racewalk Technique


Updated September 17, 2013

Racewalkers Wang Zhen, Li Jianbo and Niu Wenbin

Racewalkers Wang Zhen, Li Jianbo and Niu Wenbin

Getty Images Sports / Ian Walton
Do you want to tone more muscles, burn more calories per mile, win competitions?

Racewalking is for you!

Coach Judy Heller of ERO-FIT and Associates presents this basic course in racewalk technique. I have attended ERO-FIT's Northwest Racewalk Retreat for the past few years and refined my technique each time.

As a fitness walker and volkssport walker, I use racewalking technique to achieve a higher heart rate and to use good body mechanics. The benefits to my workout are great.

Racewalking also offers opportunities to compete and to achieve national standing for people of all ages. Let's get moving!

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Racewalking Step by Step
Part 1: Head
Part 2: Arms
Part 3: Torso
Part 4: Feet
Part 5: Hips
Part 6: Leg
Part 7: Examples
Part 8: What To Avoid
Part 9: Drills
Part 10: Workouts
Part 11: Stretches

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