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Nordic Walking Technique - Using Nordic Walking Poles

How to walk with walking poles


Updated May 18, 2014

Nordic Walking Couple at Lake

Nordic Walking Couple

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The Nordic Walking technique is a simple enhancement of normal arm swing when walking. The poles remain behind the body and pointing diagonally backward at all times.
• Shoulders are relaxed and down.
• Poles are held close to the body.
• The hands are opened slightly to allow the poles to swing forward - the poles are not gripped but swing from the wrist straps.
• The leading foot strikes the ground.
• The opposite arm swings forward to waist height.
• The opposite pole strikes the ground level with the heel of the opposite foot.
• The poles remain pointing diagonally backwards, they are never in front of the body.
• Push the pole as far back as possible, the arm straightening to form a continuous line with the fully extended arm, the hand opening off the grip by the end of the arm swing.
• The foot rolls through the step to push off with the toe. This lengthens the stride behind the body, getting the most out of each stride.
• The arm motion is loose and relaxed.

Keeping the arms relaxed and keeping the poles behind the body are key elements in the proper technique. I found that my previous experience with poles used the wrong techniques, planting the poles in front of the body and bending the elbow too much.
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