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McDonald's New Kids Choices and Physical Activity Promotion


Updated June 19, 2004

In addition to debuting the Go Active!™ Adult Happy Meal, McDonald's is improving their nutritional choices for children, and encouraging kids to be physically active.

For Kids - Better Choices and Promoting Physical Activity

New Happy Meal Choices

New Happy Meal Choices give parents and children the opportunity to mix and match offerings. The new offerings include Apple Dippers® (fresh, peeled apple slices) served with a low-fat caramel dipping sauce, and new beverage choices including 100% pure apple juice, white and chocolate 1% Milk Jugs, served in child-friendly containers.

Get Moving with Ronald McDonald

McDonald’s is bringing together Ronald McDonald, the second most recognizable character in the world, and local Olympic athletes to help children adopt good physically active habits early in their lives through "Get Moving with Ronald McDonald." This on-lot show emphasizes the importance of activity in everyday life and was developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics.

McDonald's, as a long-standing sponsor of the Olympics, will pilot a youth Olympic soccer clinic this spring to help promote physical activity among kids. The goal is to make this program available to local soccer organizations nationwide later this year.

Education and Easily Accessible Nutrition Information

  • McDonald's will team up with third-party experts to bring sound science and practical tips to all Americans. Currently, many in the health and nutrition industry are already playing a pivotal role in working with McDonald's in a broad-scale consumer education campaign, including Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and others.
  • McDonald's volunteers to take an industry-leading role to respond to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to determine the best way to communicate nutrition information to consumers. This will occur both in restaurants and through broad-based consumer education initiatives, to help Americans make informed food choices based on their individual needs and lifestyle.
  • McDonald's will test providing nutrition information on Happy Meals in parent-approved and child-friendly ways. The objective is to help families make informed choices and learn ways to achieve good food/energy balance.
  • McDonald's is providing detailed nutrition information on trayliners and in-restaurant "McDonald's & You" Nutrition Facts brochures and on the food and nutrition section of www.mcdonalds.com, which receives more than 250,000 customer visits every month. This site also includes a unique, interactive tool, called "Bag-a-McMeal," which allows consumers to select any combination of McDonald's menu items and the nutritional values are automatically calculated for them.
  • McDonald's is providing a program called What's On Your Plate, featuring Willie Munchright™ to schools across the country. The program teaches elementary school children the importance of physical activity and making smart food choices. The program has been updated to reflect current knowledge in the nutrition community and to address relevant needs of today's children. Originally launched and embraced by nutritionists in 1992, McDonald's is making copies of this program, which includes vignettes, leader guides and activity books, available free to schools throughout the U.S.
  • McDonald's has already reallocated a significant amount of children's retail marketing messaging to programming that positively impacts parents and children in the areas of health, education and development. This includes helping to underwrite Sesame Street, sponsoring Nickelodeon's Playful Parent series that encourages parents to take an active, fun role in their children's playtime, and collaborating on in-school programs such as McDonald's and Scholastic, Inc.'s Reading Corners.

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