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Walking in Song


Updated May 16, 2014

Young Woman Brisk Walking with Earbuds

Walking to Music

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I asked you to send in your favorite songs that included the word Walking in the title or somehow applied to walking. I got a list that surely surpasses anything a search engine could produce!

Research has shown that walking to music motivates walkers to walk further, and an unusual side benefit is that walking with music actually makes you smarter!
Walking Music Research | Tips for Walking With Music

My Favorites:

I'm Gonna Be -- The Proclaimers (I would walk 500 miles...)
I Can See Clearly Now (the Rain is Gone) - Johnny Nash
These Boots were made for Walking -- Nancy Sinatra
Walk of Life - Dire Straits
Baker Street -- Jerry Rafferty (light in your head and dead on your feet...)
Footloose -- Kenny Loggins
Fire Walk With Me (Twin Peaks Theme)
I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
I'm Walkin' by Fats Domino (yes indeed, I'm talkin'...)
Love's Been Good To Me by Rod McKuen. (I have been a rover, I have walked alone...)
Tennessee Bird Walk - Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan (love those novelty tunes)
The Long and Winding Road -- the Beatles
The Happy Wanderer My knapsack on my back, val-de-ree......
Walk Like A Man - Bruce Springsteen, Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, Grand Funk Railroad
Walk Like An Egyptian - Bangles
Walk Right In - Rooftop Singers, New Christy Minstrels (baby let your mind roll on....)
Walk This Way - Aerosmith, Run-D.M.C.
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Walking in Rhythm (moving in sound....)
Wanderer - Dion (he keeps away from Runaround Sue, too!), Donna Summer
You'll Never Walk Alone - from "Carousel" - Andy Williams, Jim Nabors, Judy Garland, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Pink Floyd (When you walk through a storm hold your head up high....)

Volkswalker Specials:

Think of these the next time you are out on a 10K walking event.

A Walk in the Black Forest (That's where the IVV began)
Cool Walk - Oscar Peterson Trio (far preferred to hot walks)
Do the Stroll (your own pace)
Easy Walker - Stanley Terrentine (stays away from Tough Trail Tromper events)
I Go Walkin' After Midnight -- Patsy Cline (not allowed on year-round events, but we have some midnight special walks)
I Shall Not Walk Alone - Ben Harper (ah, come to the event anyway, you'll meet somebody new!)
I Took a Walk - Shawn Phillips
I Walk Alone (great, we'll let you!)
I Was Born Under A Wandering Star (slow paced song not recommended to set a racewalking pace)
I'll Walk Alone -- Jayne Morgan (no problemo!)
I'll Walk With You (sung by Della Reese - "Touched By An Angel" theme)
I'm Walking Behind You (don't follow me, I can't read the map....)
Joy Walk - William Belote
Just Walkin In The Rain - Johnny Ray (I'm drip-dry)
Keep Walkin' On (sung by Faith Hill) (You're only at 5K...)
Lonesome Road - Full Access (been there!)
Mein Vater war ein Wandersman (The Happy Wanderer)(val-de-ree, val-de-rah)
(I Can See For) Miles and Miles -- The Who (The reward for those hill walks!)
Museum Walk - Tangerine Dream (great point of interest)
Night Walk - Rick Braun (love those night walk events!)
On the Road Again (Turn the Page)--Bob Seegar (for less good walks)
On the Road Again -- Willie Nelson (for good walks)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back -- Bruce Springsteen (sounds like a Florida beach walk!)
Ramblin' Boy - Tom Paxton (we need more Boy Scouts on the trail)
San Antonio Stroll -- Tanya Tucker (home of the AVA)
Roundabout --Yes (for up and backs)
Take A Walk - Michael Brecker
Telegraph Road--Dire Straits (lyric "walked 30 miles with a pack on his back")
The Dirt Road - Sawyer Brown (been there!)
The Walk - Sawyer Brown, T. Lavitz
The Walker - Duane Eddy
The Way We Walk - Genesis
Walk All Over Georgia - Louisiana Red
Walk Away A Winner - Kathy Mattea (Should be our theme song - everybody is a winner in volkssporting)
Walk Awhile - Fairport Convention (usually about 2 hours for 10K)
Walk Don't Run - Ventures (You can go your own pace, run if you wish!)
Walk In The Night - Junior Walker/All Stars (But be back by the finish time)
Walk Into Light - Ian Anderson
Walk On - Neil Young, Reba McEntire, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Walk On The Water - Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Diamond (No, you don't get volksswim credit)
Walk Out In The Rain - Eric Clapton (easy way to wash your walk clothes)
Walk Softly - Billy "Crash" Craddock
Walk Softly On The Bridge - Mel Street (no marching, please!)
Walk Tall - Count Basic (correct walking form)
Walk The Dog - Laurie Anderson (for all our doggie friends)
Walk with Me (invite a friend!)
Walkin' and Talkin' (what we always do)
Walkin' and Talkin' to Myself' (sometimes I end up alone...)
Walkin' Back To San Antonio - Hank Thompson (heading for the AVA Headquarters again!)
Walkin' By Myself - Jimmy Rogers, Johnny Winter (no problemo!)

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