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Low-Carb Snacks

Walking or Running Pace and Speed Calculator

Predict your finish time, pace, and distance

Enter any two variables to calculate the third - time, distance, pace.
  • Pace Calculation: Enter Time (include hours, minutes, seconds with no blanks) and Distance, choose "per kilometer" or "per mile" then select "Do the Math" to get your Pace in either minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer.
  • Distance Calculation: Enter Time and Pace (hours, minutes, seconds for each with no blanks), then select "Do the Math" to get your Distance.
  • Finish Time: Enter Distance and Pace (hours, minutes, seconds), then select "Do the Math" to get your Time.
    The result will appear on the blank line.

Hours: Minutes: Seconds:


Hours: Minutes: Seconds:

Note: if the "Clear Form" button doesn't clear the form, you will need to delete numbers from the boxes in order to do a new calculation. The Clear button doesn't work with some web browsers.

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~These calculator scripts were written by Will Glessner

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