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Updated November 22, 2008

Track your walking minutes, steps, or calories and join in our walking games. Motivation experts say logging your fitness activities is the best way to make them into habits. We add a bit of competition and everybody is a winner.

Walking Idols Challenge

Log your walking minutes and each week we give Bronze, Silver, and Gold Idol awards to those achieving 200, 400, and 600 minutes, with a monthly award for the Walking Idol with the most minutes.
Walking Idols Challenge

Walking Stars Challenge

Log your pedometer walking steps and each week we give a Green Star, Silver Star, and Gold Star award to those achieving 40,000, 70,000 and 100,000 steps. There is a monthly Top Star award for the Star with the most stars and steps.
Walking Stars Challenge

Foot Pounders Challenge

Take your walking minutes, steps, or distance and use our Calorie Calculators to find out how many calories you are burning. Log this weekly to earn the Quarter Pounder, Half Pounder, Full Pounder, and Double Pounder awards.
Foot Pounders Challenge
Walking Calorie Calculators

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