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Pedometers, Logs and Measuring Devices

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Tracking Your Walks
Walking logs and calendars to track your distance speed time and notes

Join in our Walking Games
Walking games - join in our walking games by tracking your minutes, steps, or calories burned.

Walk Like the Amish
Walk like the Amish - a pedometer study in an Old Order Amish community shows the men and women put in twice as many steps a day as typical North Americans, and that may result in their very low rates of overweight and obesity.

How Many Pedometer Steps Per Day are Enough?
How many pedometer steps per day are enough? Is 10,000 steps a day a good goal for healthy active adults? Recommendations from pedometer researcher Dr. Tudor-Locke

Webwalking USA Walking Program
Webwalking USA Walking Program - chart your walking miles, minutes, or steps on a virtual walk from coast to coast.

Fitness Calculators
Walking fitness calculators for calories, speed, weight, BMI, heart rate zones and more.

Walking Stars - Walking Steps Challenge
Chart your walking steps each week to compete with other walkers and earn stars.

Walking Idol - Walking Minutes Challenge
Walking Idol Walking Minutes Challenge - track your walking minutes to earn the Idol designation each week.

The Most Accurate Pedometers
Research finds the most accurate pedometers to wear to count daily step totals.

Counting Your Steps - Pedometers Motivate Walkers
Counting Your Steps - pedometers motivate walkers by counting steps. Find out how pedometers can help motivate you to walk.

Weekly Walking Log
Weekly walking log to chart your walking

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