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Training to Walk a Marathon - Walking Technique and From


Updated August 05, 2012

Good Walking Technique

Good Walking Technique

When training for the marathon, your first step should be to analyze your walking form and ensure you are using good posture and an efficient walking motion. You may want to use your shorter within-week workouts to specifically pay attention to your form.

Critique yourself for common walking mistakes and problems. Are you leaning forwards or backwards too much? Do you hang your head and stare at the ground? Do your muscles and joints and back ache after a walk?

Walking technique and form problems can lead to injury during training and during the marathon. You have made a commitment to train, so you may as well train yourself in a good walking form so your body moves smoothly and feels better.

How to Walk Fast: Good walking form for marathon walking. This is not formal racewalking, but uses good body mechanics for walking at moderate speed.

10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid:: You will want to take these to heart.

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