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South Beach Diet - Day Zero and Day 1


Updated June 07, 2007

Day Zero

On the first semi-day of the program, I began to read the South Beach Diet book. For breakfast I had four Morningstar Farms imitation chicken nuggets while I put the rest of the package of them on spinach for my lunch salad, with the last of my orange salad dressing. I wasn't sure how that fit with the program, although I later learned it wasn't too far off.
Snacks: Cooked chicken breast (salad type) and a couple of Laughing Cow cheese wedges
Dinner: I had to go shopping to collect the ingredients I would need for the next few days. My cart filled up with vegetables, herbs, and appropriate cheeses. For dinner I grilled mahi mahi with skewers of zucchini, red pepper, and mushrooms. For dessert, I made the Mocha Ricotta dessert from the South Beach Diet book. It was quite satisfying.

Day One

Morning weight: Down a half pound
Breakfast: Omelet with prepared egg mix (no yolks) and red bell pepper and Canadian bacon. I then went to exercise class and my treatment massage.
Snack: My mid-morning snack was two ham rollups - thin lunchmeat hame on a lettuce leaf with cilantro mayonnaise, a strip of red pepper and a scallion. These were delicious, if a bit messy!
Lunch: Prepared chicken on baby spinach with Caesar dressing, and a string cheese stick.
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast and grilled vegetable skewers. Lemon Ricotta for dessert.
Missing the carbs? Nope.
Hungry? I had a snack whenever I felt hungry, and I felt full by the end of each meal. I got very hungry between the end of work and commuting home. Once home I had some low fat cottage cheese, but still felt like I needed to have dinner within the hour.
Energy: I am still recovering from the Portland to Coast Weekend. I felt fine at exercise class and didn't feel drowsy all morning. An hour after lunch I felt quite drowsy as usual.
Convenience: I might have grabbed an energy bar for breakfast instead, but it took only a minute to cook the omelet. It is easy to know what is allowed and what is not allowed. No measuring, no weighing, no calorie tracking.
Other symptoms: I don't usually have heartburn or acid reflux, but I found myself having a couple of acid burps. I hope this is just a stray occurence and doesn't turn out to be how my body will continue to react to a lack of carbs.

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