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Walking Weight Loss Toolbox


Updated June 07, 2014

Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Success

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Walking Calendars and Trackers
Print out free daily, weekly, or monthly walking logs, or an Excel spreadsheet. Also links to an online walking diary and walking journals.

How to Walk for Weight ControlHow far, how fast, how often to walk to achieve your weight control goals.

Calories and Servings 1000 - 1200 - 1400
What to eat for a balanced reduced-calorie diet.

Body Fat Calculator
Measure body points to determine your body fat

Body Mass Index Calculator
Are you fit or fat?

Daily Calorie Needs Calculator- Basal Metabolic Rate
How many calories you burn in a day.

40-30-30 Diet Calculator
Carbs - protein - fat grams for your chosen calorie level

Ideal Weight Calculator

Activity Calorie Counter
Enter your weight and time spent and see the calorie total for various speeds of walking and dozens of other activities. From your About Guide to Exercise.

Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator
See comparisons of items at the major fast food chains for calories, fat, protein, sugars, cholesterol, fiber.

Calorie-Count Food and Recipe
Enter a food and find out complete nutritional information about it. Find recipes and analyze your own recipes.

Understanding Labels and Health Claims
How to read food labels and understand what low fat, etc. really means.

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