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Aerobic Metabolism - Definition


Updated August 26, 2012

Definition: Aerobic metabolism is the creation of energy through the combustion of carbohydrates and fats in the presence of oxygen. The only byproducts are carbon dioxide and water, which your body disposes of by breathing and sweating.

Walkers want to use aerobic metabolism for walking energy because it results in less muscle soreness afterward and it makes the body dip into its stored sugar and fat to burn.

Walkers achieve this zone by walking at a brisk pace where you may be breathing a little hard but still able to speak in full sentences. Aerobic walking workout

Pronunciation: er-oh-bick muh-tab-eh-lism
Also Known As: fat-burning zone
Alternate Spellings: None
Common Misspellings: arobic airobic
Walking uses aerobic metabolism to burn sugars and fats.
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