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Online Walking Companions


Updated June 09, 2011

What you want:To chat with other walkers about walking. Share experiences, triumphs, ask questions, encourage each other.


  • Good back-up when you can't find live walking companions.
  • More likely to locate an expert or experienced walker to give you advice.
  • Online tutorials, coaching, encouragement available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where to Find

  • Walking Forum: Our bulletin board is very active and regular visitors have experience with all kinds of walking.
  • Facebook About Walking: Our popular Facebook page.
  • Walklist Email Group: This group of hundreds of walkers worldwide trades several messags a day about walking, especially volkssport event walking.
  • Racewalk Email Group: Hundreds of racewalkers trade email messages each day - everyone from Olympic competitors and coaches to beginners. Great place for advice on walking from experts.
  • More Online Walking Groups

Finding Walking Companions

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