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Nipple Trouble

Preventing Nipple Chafing


Updated July 20, 2005

Both men and women can experience painful nipple chafing when walking or running in sweaty conditions. The salt from sweat combines with friction against clothing and the result can be chafed and bleeding nipples for days to come.

Lubrication to Prevent Nipple Chafing

To prevent this, use lubrication such as petroleum jelly, BodyGlide, SportSlick or Hydropel.

Cover up to Prevent Nipple Chafing

If lubrication is not enough, wear a sports bra or a nipple shield such as Neplex or Nip-Guard, or regular adhesive bandages.
Chafing Prevention Products


A second problem for modest women is the show-through factor. Wearing a dark-colored sports bra is handy for hiding dark nipples and for being able to remove your shirt if it gets too warm, or to change shirts in mixed company.

Wearing a bra with padded cups prevents protruding nipples from showing, but most sports bras do not have padded cups. The Neplex nipple shield or adhesive bandages are possible solutions.

Whatever your comfort level is, don't let your nipples keep you from walking.

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