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How to Walk - Taking a Walking Stride


Updated April 16, 2014

Overstriding vs. Correct Walking Stride

Top: Overstriding. Bottom: Correct Walking Stride


When practicing a good walking stride, the first key is to avoid overstriding, which is taking longer steps to increase speed. Overstriding is inefficient and it is potentially harmful.

Take more, smaller steps rather than lengthening your stride.

Your stride should be longer behind your body, where your toe is pushing off, rather than out in front of your body. This is because your forward leg has no power, while your back leg is what is driving you forward. You want to get the full power out of the push from the back leg, with the foot rolling through the step from heel to toe.

Fast walkers train themselves to increase the number of steps they take per second and to get full use out of the back part of the stride.

Above: The stick walker on the left is overstriding, on the right is using a better stride.

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