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Build the Walking Habit - Tracking Your Progress


Updated December 17, 2012

Recording your walks is the best way to maintain a walking schedule. We have online and offline tools you can use.

Map and Measure Your Route

Google Map Pedometer: Use our online map to draw and measure you walking route and calculate your walking calories. You can bookmark and save your route.

Free Printable Walking Logs

Print out these calendars for to track on paper - distance, time, speed, steps.

Walking Excel Spreadsheet

Tracks and totals your walking time, walking distance, steps.
2008 (157K download)
Each day, enter your miles, time, steps and any notes. Calculates total mileage per month, time per month, minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer, and total steps.

Walking Programs

IVV Individual Achievement Award Program
Walk sanctioned volkssport 10K walks and earn awards at milestones.

Webwalking USA Program
Our free program to chart your walking steps, minutes, or miles on a virtual walk across the USA on the American Discovery Trail.

Online Resources

President's Challenge
Log you walks, pedometer steps, and other physical activity online and earn awards. Logging is free, you can buy the optional awards. You can track your physical activity with other Walking.About.com readers. When you join, add us as a Group. Our group number is 12099 and Group Name is Walking.About.com.

A simple, free online log for your walking steps, minutes, and miles

America On the Move
Free online log for pedometer walkers. Join using code RWA742 to be a part of our Walking.About.com group.


Fitness Toolbox for fitness analysis, cardio training, strength training, stretching and more.

Weightloss Toolbox for calculators for basal metabolic rate, calorie burning, meal planning and more.

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