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How to Walk - What to Wear

Walking Clothing Advice for Beginners


Updated June 21, 2014

Powerwalking Women

Powerwalking Women

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Your walking clothing should be comfortable and loose-fitting to allow you to move.

  • Depending on your climate, dress in layers so you may remove a layer as you warm up while walking, and put it back on if you feel cool.
  • If you do not plan to walk up a sweat, a system can be as simple as a t-shirt, light sweater, and windproof jacket.
  • If you sweat while walking, you should invest in CoolMax or polypropylene shirts to wick the sweat away from the body.
  • In cooler climates you may want an insulating layer of polar fleece or wool.
  • Socks should be comfortable, and the modern running socks made from CoolMax or other high-tech fibers are preferable to cotton, as they prevent blisters by keeping the feet drier. Before You Buy Walking Socks
  • A hat is essential to preventing sun exposure or keeping you from losing heat.
  • Sunglasses for outdoor walking prevent UV exposure for your eyes.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Carry keys and other articles in pockets or a hip pack. Pack lightly for most walks and leave the heavy purse at home.
  • Carry water if you plan to be walking for a half hour or more with no water on your route. A hip pack with built-in water bottle holder is convenient.

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