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10 Walking Mistakes - The Wrong Clothes


Updated May 18, 2014


Where's the Hat?

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Mistake: Yes, clothes matter when you take a walk. Here are some common mistakes with choosing your walking clothing.
  • You are always wearing too much or not enough, end up sweaty and clammy in any weather.
  • You walk at night wearing dark colored clothing with no reflective stripes or a safety vest.
  • No hat.

The cures:

For walking comfort, dress in layers. The inner layer should be of a fabric such as CoolMax or polypropylene that will wick sweat away from your body to evaporate - not cotton, which holds it in next to the skin. The next layer should be insulating - a shirt or sweater easily removed if you warm up. The outer layer should be a jacket that is windproof, and waterproof or water-resistant in wet climates.
How to Layer Your Clothing
Dressing for Hot Weather Walking

Be visible at twilight, dawn and night: To prevent becoming a hood ornament, wear a mesh reflective safety vest bought at a local biking or running shop or put reflective strips on your night-time walking outfit. Many running shoes have reflective elements, but studies show it is best to have several reflective elements on to be seen from all directions.
Top Picks for Night Walking Gear

Hats are essential equipment. They insulate you so you warm up faster. They shield the top of your head from the sun - an area where it is hard to apply sunscreen unless you are bald, but still burns. Hats with visors also shield your face from sun exposure.

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