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    Beginner Walkers: If you are just getting started with walking for fitness, use our How to Start Walking beginners tutorial build up your walking time and technique. You may also wish to consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions before you begin an exercise program.

    Already Walking for Fitness?: If you are enjoying walking workouts of over 30 minutes, you can add time to the daily walking assignment to meet your current activity level or to give yourself more of a challenge.

    Rest Days: One rest day/crosstraining day is included each week. If you must miss a day or find the schedule challenging at first, you can add up to three rest days in a week, alternating them with your walking days.

    Stretches for Walkers: Stretching is part of each walking workout.

    Food Diary: Keeping a food diary is your first assignment. You can keep one on paper or with an app.

    Setting a Goal: What are your walking and weight loss goals? Use these guidelines and form to set your goals.

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