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Taping Your Feet


Updated June 07, 2014

Fixing Your Feet 5th Edition

One way to prevent blister formation or to protect sensitive areas that are already showing hot spots is to tape your feet. John Vonhof of the Happy Feet blog is an expert in treating the feet of marathoners and ultra runners. He has the scoop on how and why to tape your feet.

But what kind of tape do you use? In the olden days, people used duct tape. I am leery of duct tape as it is made of whatever leftover fiber is available, so it is a gamble if you happen to be allergic to it. It also is not made for or tested for how the adhesive might affect human skin. But John says folks have used it for years. Happily for me, he also lists the other kinds of tape now available and reviews each tape for taping your feet.

In a comparison test on an ultrarunner's feet, he validated that Kinesio-Tex tape worked better than Elastikon or duct tape.  Two Tape Test
Compare Prices on Kinesio-Tex Water-Resistant Tape

I've been having excellent results in using samples of a golf tape sent to me to review. However, I could never find it online to buy. It works perfectly on my toes and the ball of my foot, but I'll be switching to the Kinesio-Tex tape.

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