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How Far Is It Walking Around a Track?


Updated June 16, 2014

Running Track

Running Track

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A standard outdoors high school track is 1/4 mile in the inner lane, or 440 yards or 400 meters. But a reader likes to walk the outside lane - how far around is that? A quick search found the Track Calculator by the North American Racewalking Foundation. With a couple basic facts you can find out the distance and pace of your laps in any lane.

I see many walkers out walking tracks at their local schools. It can be a safe way to get in your mileage. Restrooms and water fountains are often readily available. You can keep count of your laps. Track walking also is an easy way to do intervals and speed workouts -- speed up to your fastest pace on the straight-aways and then slow to an easy pace on the curved ends.

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