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Fitbit Force Wristband Gives Rash to Some Walkers


Updated June 06, 2014

Fitbit Force

The Fitbit Force wristband pedometer is causing problems for some wearers and giving them a contact dermatitis rash. The problem area for many is around the metal contacts of the connector port, which are on the inside of the band against the skin. While the metal portions of the band are made of surgical-grade steel, that contains some nickel, which is a common cause of skin allergies. Other wearers may react to something in the elastomer band, which is latex-free. The Fitbit Flex has a similar band without the area of metal contact with skin and hasn't produced the same number of complaints.

According to communications with the Consumerist.com blog, Fitbit is making it right by offering a refund or replacement with an alternative Fitbit tracker, such as the Flex, Fitbit One or Fitbit Zip.

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Other than that, wearers are sharing advice on the Fitbit community forum (log-in required) on how to cover the metal port so they can keep wearing the Force.

I suspect that those who get rashes are newbies to wearing metal on the wrist, now that wristwatches are becoming rare, so they don't realize they have a nickel allergy. You should take off any band at least once a day and wash well underneath to remove bacteria and dead skin, which not only cause an odor but also can lead to an infection with any broken skin.

Wristbands are definitely not the only thing that can cause itchy rashes for walkers. I have oodles of responses to my blog post about shoe allergies. Talk about frustrating!

This isn't the first problem with the Force I've heard, our Heart Disease Expert offers a solution for the problem the band has in coming loose.

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