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Walking for Heroes - Across the USA


Updated June 06, 2014

Carl Wentworth Walking for Heroes
© Carl Wentworth

Carl Wentworth is taking up a journey I've seen many do over the years, walking across the USA. His cause is "Walking for Heroes." He simply asks that if people are inspired by his journey that they donate $20 or more to the Veterans charity of their choice, and maybe drop his name as the inspiration.  He has no big organization or plan behind his journey, just a shopping cart with his camping gear and essentials. Carl is in the yellow raincoat on the right.

He started in Boston on Veterans Day, 11/11/13, and his end destination is Los Angeles, California. He made it to his cousin's house in West Milford, New Jersey this weekend. He posts photos of the people he meets along the way, especially veterans, on his Facebook page, WalkingForHeroes. He also is happy to get advice on his route. He has a Donate button on his page for his survival expenses, which his cousin says are minimal. But primarily he would like to spread the word and bring in donations for veterans' charities.

Since I've "Liked" his page, I am cheered by it throughout the day as Carl posts photos of the people he meets and their well-wishes for soldiers and veterans.

It strikes me that Carl is on a pilgrim's journey. He may make it, he may turn back. Is it about the journey or the destination? Is it about the people you meet along the way? Is it how the long walk changes you? Likely, the answer to all of those questions is yes. Have you ever thought of leaving it all behind for a months-long walk across a country?
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