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Rocker-Bottom Shoes Debut at The Walking Company


Updated July 03, 2014

Aubrey ABEO R.O.C.S Shoe

Aubrey ABEO R.O.C.S Shoe

Courtesy of Walking Company

I've read many a review for Skechers Shape-Ups and MBT shoes lamenting that they have been discontinued. Walkers who find a rocker-soled shoe to be the most comfortable should walk on over to The Walking Company and try their new ABEO R.O.C.S line.
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The Walking Company has a full line of styles for women and men with  rocker soles. These include athletic styles, like the Aubrey pictured. The Aubrey comes in black and gray as well as white.

They also have a Mary Jane styled Bethan and loafer styled Bree for women. The men's styles include dress shoes and athletic shoes as well.

I was impressed with how lightweight the ABEO R.O.C.S. are, weighing in at under 8 ounces per shoe. The thick sole doesn't add unwanted weight. The shoes are stiff and do not bend. That means that the shoe is providing the heel-to-toe roll with its design rather than your foot doing the work -- exactly the opposite of a minimalist shoe. But I know many walkers who say they need that design for comfort.

Companies who made health claims about their rocker-bottom toning shoes over the past few years have had to pay out refunds in settlements with the US Federal Trade Commission.  The Walking Company is smartly avoiding making any claims about R.O.C.S. Instead, they are appealing to those who find them comfortable.

I've heard from many walkers who claim they need rocker-bottom shoes for comfort. You can give ABEO R.O.C.S. a try.
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