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Wendy Bumgardner

Top Regrets - Not Traveling, Not Exercising

By November 27, 2012

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Wendy at Ephesus, TurkeyA study from the British Heart Foundation says that the top three regrets for Brits are not traveling more, losing touch with friends, and not exercising enough. What are your top regrets and what are you going to do about them?

Let's go through the list and I'll give my suggestions:

1. Not traveling more and seeing more of the world.
My Grandma Jane often had no spare cash, but her philosophy was: always take a vacation. Even if it meant catching a ride as far as you could and camping by the side of the road, do it. Get out of your rut and see someplace new. Reflect on your life from under a new patch of sky. If you have the budget to go far, do it. If you feel uncomfortable planning your own vacation, go on a small group tour. I had a fantastic time touring Turkey last year with Walking Adventures International, winner of our Readers' Choice Award for walking tour companies. I'm going to see Spain with them in 2013. My husband and I have also been taking road trips to the National Parks in different states each year. Now when I watch The Amazing Race, I can say "been there!" Planning a Walking Vacation

2. Not keeping in touch with friends from the past.
Facebook and other social media has made it much easier to find and reconnect with old friends. Combine this with the cure to Regret Number One and take a road trip to visit them! A bonus of social media is that you can probably tell from their postings whether or not you really want to reconnect with them... At Number 10 on the list of regrets was "Not asking your grandparents more about their lives before they died." Seek out your elder relatives, pay them a visit. If they are able, take them for a stroll around town, to the beach or shore. Get out with them and the conversation is more likely to flow naturally.

3. Taking too little exercise.
You don't have to live with this regret. I have the cure right here, and in the process reduce your risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

More: Top 10 Regrets from the British Heart Foundation.
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