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Cheap But Great Rain Gear


Updated June 06, 2014

Rain Shield O2 Suit
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We all need to look closer at our budgets today. Don't give up exercise over the fall and winter because you don't have workable outerwear. I've added several economizing tips to my How to Walk in the Rain, including ways to keep your feet dry without buying expensive waterproof shoes. For waterproof outerwear, reader Jon Rutherford, Kansas City, Missouri writes this review of one of my cheapest waterproof jacket recommendations:

"I am sending this to thank you for pointing out the Rain Shield O2 Rainwear waterproof jacket as a choice for keeping dry. I could hardly believe its low price, and figured that even if it wasn't really waterproof, it was worth the price as a jacket for mildly chilly days.

Imagine my surprise (as the saying goes) when it arrived and I discovered it really is waterproof -- and breathable! I thought only Gore-Tex, which is beyond my budget, was like that.

I have a $100 cycling jacket that is (1) not nearly as attractive, (2) about 1/10 as comfortable (awful stiff sticky fabric coating), and most important (3) is NOT waterproof despite its claim, yet (4) manages to be completely unbreathable. This $30 jacket beats it in all ways and then some. If I were still cycling, I'd order the kind that has the tail, which is good for cycling because you're bent over.

This O2 jacket is a real winner, and I am so glad you mentioned it (favorably) in the rundown on rain gear." Compare Prices

Thanks, Jon!

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